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Influence of waves

Multisensorial installation for QC terme Milano

Sound and light: everything is a wave

Multi-sensorial immersive installation able to relax and stimulate listening of self emotion thought a vector signal (audio) witch influence all the space.Vibration are perceptible in air (sound) water, body and light. Installation is close inside a geodetic shape of 9m diameter.visitor that go inside can sit/lie down on a vibrating membrane like a waterbed with transducers. and watch visuals effect generated by the vibration of the water all around him.what you listen is also what you see and what you feel in your body.4.2 Channel source (4 Speakers 1 Subwoofer 2 channel for transducers (vibration) projector Dome little pool with water with parabolic mirror


Design, programming and sound: Mattia Trabucchi

Industrial design: Andrea Modica Ronald Lewis Facchinetti


Sound Design: Mattia Trabucchi Massimiliano Biancardi


Video: Mattia Centemero

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